We started out as street food traders

Back in 2010, following the hard years of recession, I decided to open a small French Café & Bistro in my local neighbourhood after my property development business come to a stand still. The local support was very irregular and simply did not go far enough, so I decided to take my business out on the roads to find greater trading spots and support.

I looked for the perfect truck for our French concept and when I found the Citroën HY it was love at first sight. As a young boy growing up in the 70s within a French community the van brought back sweet childhood memories and nostalgia.

I met some amazing people along the way to get the van in proper shape and together with them we have created our Food Truck restoration and customisation garage. (We still work together)

By 2012 the property market was recovering and I decided to sell all our London properties and invest in Bitcoin and also grow our Food Truck Business. The idea was to start something that would support people like me, willing to take the risk to pursue their dreams.

I will be honest to say that I did not jump into BITCOIN because I understood the technology or usage but the vision that we can contribute towards a system that could be the future of money away from dirty banks and corrupt governments was very tempting.

As I dived into the rabbit hole of BITCOIN, I come across some amazing people that were leading the movement, a cryptocurrency movement that I’d never even heard of.

So in an attempt to support the BITCOIN community and push for adoptions and revolution. We decided to be the first food truck that will transact in BITCOIN. We figured how to set up a till system and link it to our wallet and we went out there hunting for BITCOIN wallets willing to trade their coins for coffee and crepes :))

Sounds like a joke today and yes, we were ignored, laughed at ridiculed especially promoting the future of technology from a 1970 Vintage Food Truck.

Two quotes come to mind when we were challenged

“Quitters never win and winners never quit”

“You are either driven by demon or passion”

We certainly came too close to demons in 2008 and the passion we developed over the 4 years that followed.

Fast forwards to 2020 and once again the world come to face a Black Swan but this time we were prepared with assets that don’t depreciate and vehicles to support the vulnerable.

For those of you that follow our insta and social also speak to us, our platform is for educational purposes only and not financial advice. We list books to read as we talk crypto news.